Concert de Pascal Comelade   Homenatge a Picasso

Punts de vista by Tom Carr and TCteamwork

Plaça de Missa, Orta de Sant Joan, June 21, 2014

TCteamwork did the lighting called “punts de vista” (points of view), for the concert that Pascal Comelade did at the Plaça de Missa at Orta de Sant Joan.  Apart from lighting Pascal and the other musicians, there was an emphasis on their shadows cast on the medieval walls o the plaza where once Picasso had a studio and where some consider cubism was born.

Coordination and support:  Centro Picasso d’Orta, Art Tutti and Josephine Martamoros

Tom Carr - Massimiliano Moro - Lourdes Santandreu Planas - Gaietà Mestieri - Ada Coll

link to the film by Del·Iris