tcteamwork bis

A new tcteamwork bis has been formed.  Some continue from last year and some new members arrive.  They will help us administer our social nets and participate in coming projects. 

We’ll keep you informed.

tcteamwork bis 2012-13

Eulalia Garcia, Marina Sablotni, Berta Ayuso, Carla Mañosas, Maria Beltran, Juan David Galindo, Marta Archiles, Georgina Nadal y Adriana Valle

tcteamwork bis 2013-14

Berta Ayuso Planas, Maria Beltrán, Tania Cearreta Innocenti, Juan David Galindo, Mar Farreras, Marc Gómez Fernández, Carla Mañosas, Celeste Marí Rosero, Daniela Medina Poch, Inés Muñoz Andreu, Gina Nadal i Fernandez, Marina Sablotni Aguilera, Vera Seng and Berta Vila Perera

tcteamwork members appear also in the photo with a new member for next projects - Xema Vidal

Photo taken at the Museu d’Art de Cerdanyola